Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chase the green fairy with Tammy's Tastings

You may have heard Tammy Coxen interviewed on Lester Graham's report on Michigan's distilling industry. Tammy really knows her spirits and will be teaching an absinth-centric cocktail crafting class on June 3rd:
June 3 - Visiting the Green Fairy (7:30 pm at The Last Word)
This most storied of liqueurs has been called both a muse for writers and artists, and a cause of criminality and insanity. Banned for most of the 20th century, absinthe is back. Come learn all about this famous anise liqueur, on its own and in cocktails.
That makes me nostalgic for Leopold Brothers.

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  1. Her co-presenter is best friends with Boyfriend Ken and is an absolute EXPERT on absinthe. He came to my old house and did a party for us complete with showing this black and white silent film that was like Reefer Madness but for absinthe. It will be a hooting good time.