Monday, May 20, 2013

Go! Ice Cream Demo at Mallets Creek

Pretty Sticker Photo from Go!'s Fbook
I am pretty serious about becoming the ice cream correspondent for Damn Arbor. There is little resistance from any other human being on this matter, but I'll cement my title within the next couple weeks. Tonight at the Mallets Creek library, Go! Ice Cream's Rob Hess is holding a summer popsicle demo (as opposed to Winter Popsicles). Actually the information says fruit popsicle. This would be a good opportunity for the community to meet Rob before Go! gets up and biking later this week. The demo starts at seven and more information can be found here.


  1. Re: "the ice cream correspondent"

    Please add this to your background reading material:

    (I spent like a week making that GIF back in 2006 – by hand.)

    I think you should also memorize the ice-cream cranker's code.

    That event is now defunct.

  2. Who will test me on my mastery of this code? Is there a meeting group?

  3. Don't allow yourself to be quizzed for mastery of the Cranker's Code, by anyone who cannot produce adequate credentials. Here's what credentials look like: [link]

  4. Oh man, I need one of those, but with my name not yours.