Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lonely Man Writes Elaborate Missed Connection

Other potential Craigslist post titles:
  • Hopeless romantic baits soulmate with song lyrics that are mistaken for generic poetry
  • Whole Foods Missed Connection is NOT Organic
  • True Love Found in CCRB Showers
But anyways, the real treat came in this lavish missed connection. 
Now, I would normally be behind a missed connection as well thought out as this, but there is the looming title. "Dateable-seeming" is a pretty shitty criteria to start off your missed connection with, you know, because it is a hypothetical missed connection. It really puts all the pressure on the ladies to remain dateable until the weekend, when it is really in high demand. I think the next we will see in this series is "To the marryme-able egg I will pray with next Cinco de Cuatro." 

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