Thursday, June 13, 2013


So Darren Criss was in town. I will try to remember to put some photos and videos when I get to my phone. Walking through the line, some of the preteens had been there for hours, even at the end of the line. The longest amount of time I heard was 5 hours, but I am sure that could be beat (I am making a mental note now to never let my children spend that much time waiting in a line). Video cameras, and some man were going through the crowd, making riley people riled up. The screams were deafening, the signs glitter filled and waving. It made me very uncomfortable but it proved that Darren Criss was a big hit. And I guess he is not over. He tweeted this earlier.
Obviously, the show has already started. There were only 100 tickets available, coveted during a time where his tour is sold-out. It's becoming a habit of famous ann-arborites having secret shows here, considering Andrew WK broke the limit of Metal Frat last month. Who else could we see perform secretly? Iggy Pop performing for Mary Sue? David S. Goyer writing for the Daily? Ann Coulter soapbox protesting on the diag? The possibilities are endless.

Did anyone make the show? Or the secret show? Then after the show it's the after party? And after the party is the hotel lobby? 

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