Saturday, June 15, 2013


The juneberries are ripe! It looks like this long, cool springtime has been great for them--the berries are very plump and sweet. Here are some of the best places to grab some before all the birds and squirrels do:

Liberty and Ashley--single juneberry, see above. 

William between Fourth and Fifth--there are several juneberries planted around the Old Y Lot. 

North University--there is a single Juneberry in front of Krause. This is one of my favorite juneberries in the city. 

North University and Fletcher--there are several juneberries planted along the north side of the chemistry building. This is a great place to gather lots of juneberries. 

Diag--there are more juneberries planted along the north side of the Dana building. There are also two juneberries on either side of the engineering arch. 

Juneberries are closely related to apples. They grow to be large shrubs or small trees. Their leaves are serrated with an acute tip and a slightly chordate base. The fruits themselves look like miniature red to purple apples and taste like applesauce with a hint of blueberries. 

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