Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Passive aggressive missed connecion

@whitrae turned me on to the "BEST passive aggressive CL post":
Posted: 2013-06-23, 3:12PM EDT

Great job at having sex all the time

You and your girlfriend are doing a great job of having sex all the time. Great job. You must have sex a minimum of once a day, if not more. Sometimes it sounds like someone is drumming in the other room, but then it turns out that you're just having sex. You must have been made for each other, because the majority of your time spent together seems to be spent having sex. I swear you'd have pretty serious sex addictions if you each were single, debilitatingly so.

Always having sex. Always having sex.

Great job.

Maybe they really are just drumming?


  1. Maybe they're doing jumping jacks!

  2. One time when I was living at home, I came home to what I was convinced was my brother banging somebody loudly . Turns out it was just my mom doing Wii Fit.