Friday, June 7, 2013

Selma Cafe is Back

from selma's blog

Lisa of Selma Cafe recently announced on her blog that Selma Cafe is reopening its doors with new hours and location. The first brunch will happen on Saturday, June 22 at Sunward Cohousing. Dan Vernia and Rebecca Wauldron, both familiar with Selma, are the chefs. I expect some backlash, there will always be crabby anonymous commenters, but it shouldn't outweigh the excitement to have the breakfast joint back.

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  1. My friend Rebecca is cooking!! Need to brag on her for a minute~we had "orphan Thanksgiving" at my house and Boyfriend Ken and I busted ass cooking all day. Dinner is almost ready and we are like, "Man, we are forgetting something...." At the same time, we go, "Gravy!" I asked Rebecca for help and she somehow whipped up the most amazing turkey gravy I have ever had.
    If she can do that after several drinks and in my tiny kitchen with me all HOLY FUCKING SHIT, imagine what she will do here....