Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A failed seduction with Traverse City cherries

Periel Aschenbrand's new memoir On My Knees was excerpted in Salon on Sunday. This selection is about her attempt to seduce Philip Roth (and thus win his endorsement on her next book) with first her thoughts on Monique Wittig, and then a shipment of Traverse City cherries. Rookie move, Periel. If you're going to use a Michigan product to "catapult [your] literary career" (her words, not mine), may I recommend some Better Mades?

Michigan shout-out aside, I will not be reading this book on the basis of this quote:
...we have been bred to be sheep but I refuse to kowtow to convention. It’s too boring. In my mind, not taking risks has always been a bigger risk than taking them. The sense of security that comes from jobs that confine you to a beige cubicle farm is false. I’d always known that but when Lori’s brother, Guy, was killed on September 11, I became more convinced than ever.
OW. My eye roll.