Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's not art and it's not fair: Violin Monster kicked out of Art Fair

@Juliewbee snapped this picture earlier today. According to some tweets from @ViolinMonster, he was told he would need a permit from Art Fair to busk in areas occupied by Art Fair.

Fortunately, it sounds like Violin Monster found a work around: busing on private property with the owners permission. What do you think about this gentle readers, is it a necessary evil to let the Art Fairs curtail the rights of buskers during the events, or is this a clear overstep? Is it time for an Occupy Art Fair campaign?

H/T: Ed Vielmetti


  1. Clear overstep. This is his home when they are not around, and he brings joy all the time.

  2. The security guard looks like she doesn't want to be there, the dude in the do rag looks indignant, and the officious woman with the clipboard looks like she has a super annoying voice.

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  4. Aren't there a ton of other street performers during the Art Fair? Every single one of them has a permit?!

    This is stupid. Definitely another way they're attempting to make the art fair more commercialized. People always busked during Art Fair.

  5. I'm not 100% but the the "dude in the do rag" could be Wally Herrala who ran a 4:39 mile at age 50 setting a world record at the time.

  6. I assume that was only one of the art fairs. It's hard to tell from the picture, but maybe State Street? The smart thing for one of the manager of one of the other 3 fairs would be to snap him up and give him a prominent place in the fair. For free.

    I'm sure the iSpy stage is pretty full, but it would be good PR for them to give him a slot too, just for the fun of it.