Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pickup artists at 8 Ball

This is a real gem of a Missed Connection:
To the "pick up artists" at 8 Ball - w4m - 21 (8 Ball Saloon)

Jesus Christ. You were carrying around a breathalyzer stick because the one guy is a "genius inventor" (barf) trying to impress us by telling us about Burning Man, which is the least cool thing ever, and possibly worst of all, you had a pink wig and a feather boa in your backpack to like, "be quirky" or "start conversations" or something....oh my god, what's wrong with you? Seriously, what is wrong with you? It was clear from the beginning of your convo with my friend and I that we weren't really interested in talking to you, BUT YOU PERSISTED, and the one guy even PUT HIS ARM AROUND MY FRIEND LATER IN THE NIGHT, EVEN THOUGH NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER, WOULD INDICATE THAT THAT WAS AN OK THING TO DO. You guys need to see a psychiatrist. You truly, truly do. Women are human beings, not children or objects to play with. Idiots. I wish ill upon you, I really, really do.

To all you single guys out there, make sure you leave your feather boas at home when you go to 8 Ball.

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