Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weed Dating

Local Farm, Seeley Farm, is hosting their own version of speed dating. This Saturday, from five to eight, you can make it to 2150 Warren Road to meet local singles. There is a catch, you will volunteer weeding the farm while you get to know others. 


  1. Let's see -

    Bead dating, where you make necklaces together;
    Deed dating, a romantic interlude at the county courthouse looking up property records;
    LEED dating, where you appreciate high-efficiency building designs;
    Seed dating, also at the farm, during planting season

    So many possibilities!

  2. Feed dating...oh wait, no. That would be regular dating.

  3. Reed dating--basket weaving.
    Thneed dating--dates having to do with the Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax.

  4. Love Thneed dating!

    Screed dating--meet in the anarchy collection at UM.
    Mead dating--over honeyed drinks.
    'Sheed dating--Pistons game.
    Creed dating--at a church.
    Bleed dating--at the hospital.
    Breed dating--at a fertility clinic.
    Knead dating--at a Zings BAKE class.

    But I would have though weed dating would be at a dispensary.

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