Friday, July 19, 2013

Will we see you at Shadow Art Fair tomorrow?

I certainly hope so. It's going to be awesome. EJ and I will be there, stalking This will be the last ever Shadow Art Fair so if you've always wondered what it's like, you should totes go. Here's a vintage Damn Arbor article describing last year's Shadow Art Fair. Think about it like a teaser for tomorrow.

So EJ and I made it to our first Shadow Art Fair yesterday. It was pretty freaking great. I finally got to meet a lot of people I've known from the internet in real life. Here's Vinnie Massimino at his Green Screen Improve Troupe booth.

Can't wait to see the final Green Screen Theater Troupe video. If EJ and I are lucky, hopefully, we'll make the final cut. Stay tuned.

I also got to meet the Patrick Elkins. Here he is right before taking the stage with the Rainbow Vomit Family Band.

While he was not preforming, Patrick also ran the beard kissing booth at Shadow Art Fair.

A reliable source says it's "very good luck" to have Patrick kiss your beard.

I really liked these redecorated dishes from Martha Bishop.

And finally here's a picture of Nate Hoste. He draws pictures of people in zero gravity with their underwear flying off because "that's what happens in a vacuum."

Shadow Art Fair was a super fun time. The music was good, the art was fun and there were tons of little kids running around with fake mustaches drawn on. I even got to meet, unfortunately I was too star struck to take a picture. Though if you check out the Shadow Art Fair live blog here, I am just to the left of the "Talk to a Nursing Mom, $1" sign in the last picture. I can't wait until the next Shadow Art Fair.

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