Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heritage Festival Sh***er

Everyone has scarring portapotty stories, but not everyone gets to share them on craigslist. From the screen shot above:
This goes out to whomever decided to SHIT ALL OVER the toilet seat in the Porta potty next to the Bingo Tent. Who raised you? Since when, did it become appropriate to shat all over the toilet seat and then purposely put the seat UP, so no one would notice.? I was a vendor who decided to bring her young son to the festival for the day, and of course, who had to use the potty. Upon opening the door of this porta potty, I grabbed some toilet paper, so that I could put the seat down, since you were also inconsiderate in leaving the toilet seat up, which I was soon to find out was done to hide the fact that you SHIT all over the toilet. It looked like a dog had gone in there and vomited SHIT out of its mouth! You INTENTIONALLY put the toilet seat UP to hide your foulness. Needless to say I gasped in disgust, my son gagged, and screamed "OPEN THE DOOR" as we quickly exited the stall. Fortunately, some people still know how to use a toilet properly, and the next john was clean, BUT, since he was so frazzled, my poor little guy, when attempting to pee, with out touching anything around him, wound up peeing on not only himself, but the front of my dress! Of course he was not in trouble, but he felt awful, and this is ALL THANKS TO YOU! I curse you with a plague of a thousand fleas to infest your undergarments, you foul, and wretched beast.

(*note* the pic is of bread batter, but made my point)


  1. "Well, your honor, what I'd like to say for myself is that I think everything went off the rails about 10 years ago, the day I accidentally peed on my mom."

  2. Im pretty sure Brian Robb did it