Thursday, August 15, 2013

'String Up the Moon' by Fratellanza

Sango Tajima, Jim Manganello, and Paul Manganello, in their new performance, which opens September 5 at the PuppetART Theater in Detroit

After a year of cultivating their craft abroad, Jim and Paul Manganello of Fratellanza have returned to Michigan for their next project. We loved their collaboration last year with The New Theater Project: this time they're teaming up with Sam Blake, Reed Esslinger, Michael Malis, and Sango Tajima. From the Facebook page:
String Up the Moon looks into the human heart and finds two men wrought by desire. A lowly government clerk lusts up the ladder of the Russian civil service. A brilliant musician murders his friend and idol, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and justifies his act on cosmic grounds. These tales meet to form a theatrical sonata of dreams and madness.
We'll have more from Paul and Jim about this show and what they've been up to as opening night approaches. You can get tickets for String Up the Moon at the Puppet ART Theater, September 5-8 or at the Detroit Design Festival September 20-21 (September 21 is a special performance with a "Russian tea afterparty.") There will also be a performance on September 14 at the Frohlich Amphitheater in Michigan Legacy Art Park.

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