Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lost Kite in Northwest Ann Arbor

This is not a delta kite. It is however, in the public domain
Has anyone in Water Hill found a lost kite? Found this on r/AnnArbor:
I lost my 6' delta kite. It's slightly sun faded orange, yellow, green, blue and purple with rainbow tails. It's possibly in a tree somewhere. I was at Forsythe school off of Newport Rd. on the NW side of town. When I had about 1500 ft of string out, the line snapped. Wind is blowing SE at 10-15 mph. I don't know how far it could've gone before it landed, but it would've passed over the Water Hill neighborhood, possibly going as far as Kerrytown, downtown or campus. I've had the kite for 10+ years and it flies well. I'm curious if someone finds it, and where, and if they'll get it back to me. My contact info is on the tag, or PM me.
If you have any information, contact JubalLately.

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