Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We're in the Columbia Journalism Review


Anna Clark, has an interesting article out in the Columbia Journalism Review looking at the state of local reporting in Ann Arbor in light of the shuttering of AnnArbor.com. What’s next in Ann Arbor?, does a great job putting the whole Ann Arbor News to AnnArbor.com back to AnnArbor.News Ann Arbor News, into perspective both locally and as it reflects a national trend of reorganizing newspapers to "better focus on online content." Least we forget, Advance Publications has been touting the virtues of the "Michigan Model" as it rolls back print papers in other cities.

The article interviews several Ann Arborites and asks them where they get their news now. The gist is this: it's too bad the main news source in town is continuing to decline in quality. Nevertheless, we're quite fortunate to have other resources like The Ann Arbor Chronicle, The Michigan Daily, @vielmetti and ArborWiki, and @juliewbee, to name a few of the people who are contributing to local journalism. Damn Arbor even get's a mention by the Daily's online news editor, Austen Hufford:

...there are also a number of small independent news sites to fill in the gaps: Everything from the Ann Arbor Chronicle for city government coverage to Damn Arbor for its funny commentary.


  1. I was so excited to see the blog mentioned :) Should we have a Columbia Journal reading party next?! ;) Congrats, friends!!!