Monday, October 14, 2013

A Tale of Two Pumpkin Patches

Oh readers, it has been a long time. I have been pretty busy, but on saturday, before I had to do real people things, I got to go apple and pumpkin picking. While Halloween is my favorite holiday, I have neglected some aspects of it during my stay in Ann Arbor-- like pumpkin carving. I went to Wiard's on Saturday to pick some pumpkins. I had been there before for Night Terrors, and it was scary (but I am a wimp). Anyways, I was disappointed by the exorbitant fees so I made a face like a malformed Jack-O-Lantern and left. 

Well, it turns out, I am resilient when it comes to menial tasks and ventured to Wasem's. It was like the golden age of U-Pick. They let you venture freely to pick, in contrast to Wiards, and thus I was in apple heaven. The pumpkins were beautiful and only one fell apart when I touched it. My personal recommendation, if anyone is venturing out for a day trip, is to make it over to Wasem's this fall season. 

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  1. Wing Farms is great, too! While I was there, another customer almost came to blows with the farmer b/c her dog wasn't allowed in. She's all, "He was so excited!" Like seriously? Like the dog knows? Needless to say, I hobbled my broken foot over in case there was a throw down (I was totally with the farmer) but the lady just stalked off, cussing away. Got four beautiful pumpkins, too!