Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ann Arbor city council candidate forums on CTN

Ann Arbor Voters, the city council election is just a month away. Tonight and tomorrow, the League of Women Voters will be hosting candidate forums which will be broadcast live on CTN Chanel 19. Here's the schedule:
Tuesday, Oct. 1

7-7:40 p.m. — Ward 3: Stephen Kunselman (Democrat, Incumbent) and Sam DeVarti (Mixed Use Party)
8-8:40 p.m. — Ward 5: Mike Anglin (Democrat, Incumbent) and Tom Partridge (write-in)

Wednesday, Oct. 2

7-7:45 p.m. — Ward 1: Sabra Briere (Democrat, Incumbent) and Jeff Hayner (Independent)
8-8:45 p.m. — Ward 2: Jane Lumm (Independent, Incumbent), Kirk Westphal (Democrat), and Conrad Brown (Mixed Use Party)

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