Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Confederate Flag on Forest

Saw this prominently displayed Stars and Bars on Forest and Hill St. My question is: why? Seems like if you were going for a symbol of southern pride, you could just whip up a big ol' pitcher of sweet tea.


  1. wild. if you go 3 miles outside of the bubble in any direction you'll see plenty of these. welcome to post-racial america

    1. that precious Ann Arbor bubble.

  2. While it is being displayed upside down,
    I am proud it is there for all to see. God Bless the person (s) who are behind it, and long may it fly!

  3. Save yourself all that work hanging it and just wear one of these. We'll all get the same message from you.

    Although now that I think about it, maybe the "hanging" is their favorite part.

  4. Glynn Washington's "Snap Judgment" radio program taped a live show in Ann Arbor this summer. It recently aired. You can find it here:

    Comedian Joe Klocek's whole story riffs on the Confederate flag. "We're #1!" - "Really? 'Cause that flag means you're #2."

  5. Soufs gonna rize agan