Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New candidate enters race for the Fighting Fifth

Chip (can't find his last name) Smithhas just entered the Ann Arbor City Council race as a write-in candidate for the (fightin') Fifth Ward. It seems like Chip is mostly campaigning against incumbent, Mike Anglin. Via the campaign's facebook page:

One example why I'm waging this quixotic campaign is because Councilman Anglin continues to do things like vote against allocating $280,000 to replace the failing light poles on Main Street to go with $300k from the DDA. The vote is so alarming because Anglin was part of the group that directed the DDA to come up with $300,000 for the project during budget talks last spring. He, along with the other council folks who voted against this measure knew that because they directed the DDA to dedicate $300k to affordable housing that there would be a request for general fund dollars to pay for the balance of this project.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out Chip's last name. A risky move for sure for a write-in candidate. Apparently I can't read good. This should surprise none of you. Smith, Chip's last name is Smith. This election is quickly shaping up to be much more interesting than I would have anticipated just a few months ago. Anyone know the scuttlebutt on Chip?

H/T: @juliewbee


  1. Arborwiki has a page up on Chip.

  2. Campaign website at :

    Twitter: @VoteChipSmith