Thursday, October 31, 2013

Offensive Frat Party

Thanks Michigan Daily
Students got an email from Royster Harper about a frat that had chosen an offensive party theme. I was surprised to find the email in my inbox, because even after the nekky frat incident, I don't remember such an email. Michigan Daily has a nice article about the fraternity involved, Theta Xi, and the ramifications of  throwing a party that glorifies cultural appropriation. Here is an excerpt from the email:
We were deeply disappointed to learn that members of a university fraternity had planned an offensive themed party for November. The language of the invitation and theme of the party denigrated all women and African American/black identified people through racial stereotypes and cultural appropriation.

This behavior is offensive, disrespectful and unacceptable at the University of Michigan. It is unhealthy and harms everyone in the community. It is in direct contradiction to the values, policies and expectations of the University and will not be tolerated.
She goes on to say:
Disturbingly, negative stereotypes and misogynistic behavior are woven into popular culture today. We believe this reinforces the ongoing need to continually pay attention to diversity and engage in thoughtful, challenging conversations about social identities.
It's nice to know the University's response was so prompt and thoughtful.


  1. "Immediately upon being informed ... the coordinator of the Bias Response Team, together with the leadership of Greek Life and the Interfraternity Council (fraternity governance body) met with the fraternity chapter president to discuss the issue and begin taking appropriate corrective steps. The event has been cancelled."

    Bias Response Team?!!! Are you serious?!! I'm so sick of U-M.

    1. They have steadily been taking political correctness to an un-manageable level. I remember last winter semester's theme was "Understanding Race", and the only reason that surprised me is because EVERY SEMESTER HERE FEELS LIKE THAT. They have to start talking about other stuff because this is getting ludicrous.

      "Bias Response Team". You've gotta be kidding me. Nobody needs a Bias Response Team to tell a frat not to have a racist party.

    2. Except that frat...

  2. If you want to discipline a frat for a party that is in poor taste, that's fine by me. But one's argument is weakened by purposeful exaggeration, and in many cases claims of harm that are at least as judgmental as those supposedly doing the harming.

  3. It's weird that people get so defensive of people's rights to be offensive to underrepresented minorities.

    Also, I'm turning off anonymous comments.