Thursday, November 7, 2013

Alleged assault at Angell Hall

Gentle reader, were you following our breathtaking, on the scene, typo filled crime reporting last night? If not, here's what you missed:

According to this crime brief from the Daily, the man in the above picture was accused of assaulting someone in the Angell Hall complex. At the time of press, UMPD have not updated their daily crime log for November 6. We'll check back for more details.


The UMPD daily incident log has been update:

Nov 06 2013 7:24 pm Assault, non-aggravated CAD#: 133100155


A 20-year-old visitor was arrested in connection with slapping a U-M student during a dispute. A witness reported the assault to police about an hour after the incident and indicated the suspect had a gun in his pants. Officers quickly located the suspect but did not locate a gun in a search of the area. The suspect was turned over to another agency on an outstanding arrest warrant.

Case Status: Incident Report #13-003506 - open with arrest made on 11/6/2013

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