Monday, November 25, 2013

Biercamp Keeps Getting Cooler

Biercamp's new Rich Retyi & Loaded Potato Brat (photo by Rebecca Woodward)

I’ve been a fan of Biercamp since they set up shop at the corner of State and Stimson with their endless offerings of jerky, bacon, sausages and kindness. I’ve written about them a few times and stop in for lunch now and again but Hannah and Walter know me by face, not by name.

On Friday, my co-workers called Biercamp and asked them to name a lunch item after me to celebrate my second anniversary at Fluency Media. Having a sandwich named after me is one of my lifelong goals (not kidding at all). The staff chose a loaded potato brat, which was delicious. When we showed up, I saw the surprise and the Biercamp staff put two and two together and realized that they’d named an item after someone they knew.

That was what was coolest about the whole thing. They didn’t even know it was for me. They were just doing a favor for some nice people trying to do something fun and cool. Yet another reason to love Biercamp.

There’s probably a 2% chance that my name is still up on their board. If so, please let me know. If not, no hard feelings. It was good to be king for a day.

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