Monday, November 18, 2013

Follow tonight's Ann Arbor City Council Meeting on CTN and Twitter

Tonight's city council meeting will be the first with new Council Member Jack Eaton (Ward 4). Other than that, there have been no cast changes since last season. There are several interesting agenda items:

Appointment of mayor pro tem -- Traditionally, the appointment of the second in line of mayoral succession has gone to the most senior member of city council. There is speculation amongst some council sources that Jane Lumm may have sufficient support to win mayor pro tem. [source]

Pedestrian safety and the crosswalk ordinance -- CMs Briere (Ward 1) and Warpehoski (Ward 5) proposed creating a task force to study pedestrian safety and measures to improve walkability. The Chronicle indicates that there may be insufficient political traction for this due to concerns about the task force's funding. It also appears that a proposal to get rid of the pedestrian safety ordinance may pass its first reading tonight. The measure is co-sponsored by 5 councilmembers and freshman Ward 4 CM Jack Eaton has indicated he supports it as well.

There will also be a vote tonight on whether to include Ypsilanti Township in the AAATA. This item was postponed at the Nov. 7 council meeting. The Chronicle has a good (long) article about the whole thing here.

Ed Vielmetti and the Ann Arbor Chronicle have much better previews of tonight's city council agenda.

Gentle reader, are you going to follow tonight's city council meeting with us on CTN and Twitter? All you need to do is crack open a cold one, watch the live stream and follow the #a2council hashtag (see picture above).

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