Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is Madonna In Town?

I guess, yes. To be honest she scares me.
Source: MLive'n it Up
I grew up close enough to Bay City to understand why Madonna hated it and never wanted to return to the tri-cities. I always assumed she loathed all of Michigan, but I forget that Ann Arbor fights to be exception to the rule. Rumors for the past couple years has been that she wants her daughter to go here. I like to think that she's really here filming a sequel to the music video for "Don't Tell Me." There will be less walking, billboards and sand. There will be more digging into the ground but because of the lack of sand everything will be replaced with grape Jello. Madonnapalooza.


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  2. She's in town, yeah. Sava's Restaurant just posted as much on Facebook last night.