Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Renisha McBride Homicide

Photo from the Independent

About a week ago, BCB posted about the Rush Street shooting noting that Michigan's "Stand Your Ground" law might come into effect. While that shooting might not evoke this law, one in Dearborn Heights has certainly brought that law into discussion. Yesterday evening, the medical examiner for Wayne County ruled that Renisha McBride's death was in fact a homicide. Those following the case know that there has not been an arrest. Protests and gatherings have come since McBride's homicide, including one in front of Dearborn Heights Police Department. The case is gaining local, national and international attention. It is probably not likely going to fade away anytime soon.


  1. This happened in Dearborn Heights.

    1. S*** thanks. That mistake is a product of rushing, distraction and a trip to Bloomfield Hills this weekend. Next time I will double check my suburbs.