Wednesday, November 6, 2013

'Til Rick's do us Part: more than you ever wanted to know about Rick's American Cafe

Writing for the Daily, Melanie Kruvelis and Kayla Upadhyaya have an in depth article exploring the history of one of Ann Arbor's most notorious watering holes: Rick's American Cafe. It's full of fun-filled facts. Did you know that Primus and the Pixies played there? I didn't. Here's an excerpt:

Like a (Rick’s) Virgin

One night in 1976, a young student on a four-year dance scholarship at the University wandered into a popular local bar and disco called the Blue Frogge with her friends. She encountered an attractive and charismatic waiter, a drummer in a local band and, like her, an aspiring artist.

She asked him to buy her a drink. The two spent the evening talking about their shared love for music. Even though he was four years older than her, they connected.

That student was Madonna.

The waiter was songwriter and producer Steve Bray, who Madonna dated on and off during her five semesters in Ann Arbor and continued to collaborate with throughout her musical career. The place they met? Located at 611 Church, the Blue Frogge eventually became an iconic Ann Arbor establishment: Rick’s American Cafe.

If you're looking for a local long-read for a rainy Wednesday morning, check it out.

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