Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tips for Jesus hit up Ann Arbor

Gentle Readers, did you read the BuzzFeed article yesterday about the @TipsForJesus Instagram account? Basically it works like this, people go to a bar, they run up a huge tap, and then they leave an even bigger tip and write @TipsForJesus on it. You can see a tip they left at Bar Louie back in September embedded above. Damn Arbor's intrepid drinker Rich Retyi sent in the following report at midnight last night:

There's something going around called Tips For Jesus. Google it. Basically these really rich guys go to bars and leave really huge tips for the staff. A week or so ago, they visited Bar Louie and then popped in Alley Bar at 1:45am after getting turned down at two other establishments. They ordered a bunch of drinks and hung out and were really nice and fairly unassuming.

At the end of the night a guy pulled out a black Amex card and told Robbie that the tip he was leaving was 100% legit and he was good for it. He then scrawled $7,000 on the bill. And then they left.

Robbie and the staff were in shock, but misread the 7 as a 2 and ran a 2,000 tip. The guy contacted Robbie the next day and explained what they were doing and came in to take a picture of the bill, which, when he realized the tip entry error, he corrected to the right amount.


This should really be Rich's Article, but I think he's indisposed at the moment.

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