Friday, December 20, 2013

Fire Station 4 is temporarily closed because of water damage and mold

The Ann Arbor News and reporter Ryan Stanton broke the news this morning that Fire Station 4 has been closed since November 21 because of water damage and mold in the building. The station serves the east and southeast side of town and is located on Huron Parkway near Platt.

After the break, a letter from city administrator Steve Powers sent to members of City Council describing what happened and what plans there are to fix things. From all that I've been able to determine, members of City Council found out about this problem first by reading the News. (This is one reason why we have newspapers.)

From: Powers, Steve
Sent: Fri 12/20/2013 1:02 PM
To: *City Council Members (All)
Cc: Seto, John
Subject: Fire Station

Fire Station Four is located on Huron Parkway near Platt. In early November water damage was discovered and an initial mold investigation was completed. On November 21 the firefighters were relocated to Station One because of health concerns and to allow completion of remediation and abatement work. Remediation and abatement began in early December and is scheduled to be completed by the second week of January. Station Four will reopen at that time.

We have been expediting the completion of the testing and remediation work. During the time Station Four has been temporarily closed, there have been 42 calls for service in the station’s area. While deployed out of Station 1, Engine Four also responded to 15 additional calls for service due to their deployment location.

Steve Powers
City Administrator
City of Ann Arbor

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