Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mapping median income

WNYC has a pretty cool map of the US that codes census tracts by median income. There's a pretty big difference between Barton Hills (Census Tract 4031) with a median household income of $155,250 and Census Tract 4022 in Northeast Ann Arbor where the median household income is only $17,520.


  1. Really interesting how Washtenaw splits a lot of this west of 23.

  2. Who the hell lives in BH? How do you have a *median* income of twice as much as I will ever make? (if I stay in teaching, which I imagine I will)?


  3. BH = Barton Hills. I'm sure that there's an "Upper Barton Hills" that has even higher average income than "Lower Barton Hills", but since this map goes down to the census block level you won't see the distinction.

  4. Maybe the city should raise a militia and annex BH. 136 residential parcels with an average assessed value north of 500k. Could shore up the tax base nicely.

    On a more serious note, I was surprised that the poorest census tract was located in Ann Arbor as opposed to Ypsilanti, or one of the outlying townships.

  5. Yup, sorry...Barton Hills. If we all band together, I think we can take one of those houses. I found a nice one on the pond with a boat garage.