Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mayor promises to veto repeal of crosswalk ordinance

At last night's City Council meeting, 36 people spoke passionately in favor of keeping the City's crosswalk ordinance. Three people spoke in support of the repeal. Nevertheless, Sally Petersen, Sumi Kailasapathy, Jane Lumm, Mike Anglin, Stephen Kunselman, and Jack Eaton voted to repeal the ordinance. This led the Mayor to promise exercise his right to veto the ordinance. It was honestly the most exciting thing I have ever seen happen at a City Council meeting. The Mayor's announcement brought applause from the Council Chambers and cause the #a2Council Hashtag to explode with a fury of tweets. Really though, the best part of the night was the three dozen people who came and spoke and enumerated the numerous reasons the crosswalk ordinance should not be repealed. Check the Chronicle's live updates starting at 8:07 pm for a summary of the public hearing commentary. Now on to the tweets:

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