Monday, December 23, 2013

Racists Want Money

Look! I am citing!
So I am writing from an airport but I have to as my dear friend Cid sent me this article with some disbelief, and so I am getting ready to go to England. And getting slightly angry at America.

Jennifer Gratz, the Abigail Fisher of the 90's, is back in the headlines today. She was headlining a young libertarians event and the group was denied money because they are a political group hosting a political figure. Jenny G didn't like this because other groups she saw as "political," receive funding and at the beginning of the weekend, a lawsuit was brought up against the University. 

Now, I know a racist. I mean, my cousin is a racist. Some of my closest friends do racist things. I can speak on the subject, right? To set things straight, I don't think the majority of white people are racist. I think that we benefit from the privilege that our whiteness brings us, and are often ignorant to the repercussions of this. I think that we do racist things and often become defensive as opposed to open minded when confronted. I think most white people can quote "I have a dream" while not being aware that when MLK wrote from a Birmingham jail that the white moderate, not the white radical racists, were the greatest hinderance to racial equality. He couldn't get behind the people who saw the problem, but didn't agree with the means needed to fix it. White people are all about equality until we realize it's going to involve us relinquishing some of the privledge we aquired when our ancestors slaughtered other races, enslaved others, and set the "norm" as white.

Okay, back to the topic at hand. Do not 
be distracted when Jennifer Gratz talks, tags her tweets or writes about equality. She does not want equality. If she was seeking that she would be also looking to reform a justice system that incarcerates black males at a disproportionate rate to crimes committed by all races. If she was seeking equality she would be trying to create some funding equity in public schools so some schools don't have to struggle to close the achievement gap and can support student learning. 

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