Friday, January 31, 2014

Are you ready for some Fútbol?

MGoBlog is reporting that there'll be a pre-season matchup between Manchester United and Real Madrid at the Big House this August.

"It's being reported that Manchester United and Real Madrid will play at the Big House on Saturday, August 2 at 4PM as part of the 2014 International Champions Cup.

Even though it will only be a preseason match, it'll be a great opportunity to see two of the world's biggest soccer clubs and some of the world's best players."

I feel like the winter classic shows we could handle an influx of hockey hosers as a community, but are we ready for soccer hooligans? Regardless, this will have a huge impact on the local economy. Hopefully we'll all be rolling in €'s and £'s. 

You should check out the comments on the MGoBlog article. One hypothesizes Dave Brandon's next move will to host the largest Westminster Dog Show ever. 

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