Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carbon footprint by ZIP Code

@AlMcAlMcAl tweeted a link to these cool maps from Berkeley's Cool Climate website. It shows average household carbon emissions by ZIP Code. Values for Ann Arbor range from about 43 Metric Tons CO2 equivalent in 48104 to about 55 MT CO2 Eq. for 48103. U of M's ZIP, 48109 has super low average emissions at just 21 MT CO2 Eq.


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  2. Yep. Check out ...
    New York's Marcus Garvey Park neighborhood, zipcode 10035: 27.9 metric tons
    or the East Village neighborhood in zip 10009: 30.3 metric tons
    or San Francisco Coit tower neighborhood 94133: 29.1 metric tons

    I recall hearing years ago a study concluding that the average NYC resident had a lower environmental impact than most suburbanites. Anecdotally, people moving out of dense urban areas for the suburbs often bemoan the relative lack of services and transportation they encounter in the 'burbs.