Saturday, January 4, 2014

City Council preview for January 6, 2014

Ann Arbor City Council meets for its first meeting of 2014 on January 6. It's a relatively light agenda, and the over/under on meeting end time is 11:30 p.m. The only question is whether the impending snow storm will change meeting plans.

The Ann Arbor Chronicle has a detailed play-by-play preview of Council's agenda. Here are a few highlights of that agenda, with the note and caveat that changes can be made to the agenda right up to and even after the meeting begins. As always, you can follow along with the Twitter tag #a2council.

UPDATE: Ryan Stanton from the Ann Arbor.News has a close look at the development proposals on the agenda.

Notably not on the agenda is any action regarding the city's homeless population, who are likely to be hit badly by the storm.

MC-1, Mayoral appointments.

PH-1 and PH-2, Traverwood Apartments public hearings.

PH-3, Montgomery Building site plan public hearing.

PH-4, Briarwood Restaurants site plan public hearing.

A-1. Council minutes; includes email sent to council members during meetings.

CA-1. Authorize the City Administrator to make cell antenna agreements, without the need to approve each one by City Council.

CA-2. Pay $46,000+ to Scio Township for sewer connection fees.

CA-3. Amendments to the Sprint cell antenna agreements for four antenna sites.

B-1. Traverwood Apartments rezoning.

DC-1. City policy for payments when street parking spaces are removed.

DC-2. Termination of MOU for Fuller Road Station with U of Michigan.

DC-3. Summer Festival board of directors appointments.

DB-1. Traverwood Apartments site plan, wetlands plan, and development agreement.

DB-2. Montgomery Building site plan and development agreement.

DB-3. Briarwood Restaurants site plan and development agreement.

DS-1. $115,000 for vehicle pollution controls.

DS-2. Wolverhampton Court sanitary sewer easement.

F-1. AAATA reports.

G-1 through G-7. Meeting minutes from Public Market Advisory Commission, Historic District Commission, Airport Advisory Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Design Review Board, City Planning Commission and Elizabeth Dean Fund Committee.

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  1. Nothing looks too controversial. It's nice to see that the Montgomery Ward building won't continue to slowly deteriorate for too much longer.