Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Extra bones for your Puppybowl/Superbowl par-tay

JSTOR is lookin' for people to come down to the Ann Arbor office tomorrow and Friday to test out some new ideas for the site - for moneyyyyyyy! Okay, so not a bajillion dollars, but $25 for 30 minutes is pretty good. It's at least enough to cover the amount of guacamole necessary to have a good time,* and with the Puppy/Superbowl this weekend, the importance of guac in our lives is about to go up tenfold.

Interested folks will have to fill out this survey in order to get set up and make sure they qualify, but that's pretty much it in terms of prep.

*Just to be clear, anything less than $25-worth of guacamole does indeed mean that you are NOT having a good time.

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