Friday, January 3, 2014

OMG! The Best of 2014 in Ann Arbor and Elsewhere

Wow, it’s been a crazy year. Am I right? I mean, New Year’s day. The day after that. This morning. Phew. It’s time to take a step back and reflect on the best of 2014.

Best Restaurant
Winner: Lucky Kitchen (1753 Plymouth Road) The General Tso, Beef Lo Mein, three spring rolls and Crab Cheese were divine. And the driver who braved the roads with my feast, one of the bravest in Ann Arbor.

Best Breakfast
Winner: Lucky Kitchen (1753 Plymouth Road) See above.

Best Nap
Winner: Jan. 2, 8:09 pm - 8:50pm during Big Trouble in Little China.

Best Movie
Winner: Big Trouble in Little China. I rewound it and watched it all after the nap.

Best Cat
Winner: (tie) Dweezil Stardust Smith and Nola Ray Etheline Smith (who’s a good kitty? WHO’S a good kitty?)

Best Sports Moment
Winner: NHL Winter Classic. Snow. Hockey. Sportz!

Best TV Show
Winner: Bar Rescue. Is there any bar John Taffer can’t save?

Best Tweet
Winner: Happy New Year bitchessssss—@FredDurst

Best Celebrity Scandal
Winner: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together!
Honorable Mention: Hillary Clinton has a new haircut
Finally, for your benefit, I used Damn Arbor’s supercomputers to run 10,000 simulations of what would be in style in the coming year. It spit out the following Hot List. Study and enjoy.

2015 Hot List
Gremlins Diet, fur-lined Crocs, ice beer, Welland (Ontario), Married with Children, living in caves, genoa salami, the three-man weave, softball, geographic uncertainty, Beverly Hills Cop, David Lo Pan, golf balls.

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