Thursday, January 30, 2014

The dude behind the booze

XLR8R has a fun little article out about Todd Osborne's favorite places in Detroit and Ann Arbor, but it's really his favorite places around Ann Arbor and Ypsi, and one place in Detroit. Mentioned are Beezy's, The Last Word, The Blind Pig, Hello Records and The Ugly Mug. I was particularly happy to see The Last Word mentioned, as it is my favorite place in the verld. I was most impressed that The Osborne drink was named after him, which is of course superior to most gin drinks right off the bat because it's made with Hendrick's, but then finishes the job by having muddled japeleƱo AND pineapple in it. And lime juice. UGH how is it 9 am on a Thursday?

Next time I'm there, Last Word, I hope there's an Osborne waiting. And a "You're My Boy, Blue."

Here's to hoping, but come on this'll never work. YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL just be my friend.


  1. Is there no "good place for music" in Detroit? I am decidedly outside the music world, but this was not my impression.

  2. I think he meant regular place to go dance.

  3. The Last Word is also my favorite place in the world and is bomb diggity site for cocktail recipes.

  4. The Last Word is a place where everyone is a friend.