Sunday, February 2, 2014

B a Beekeeper, Go to B School

From a mailing from Matthaei Botanical Gardens: 
Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers (A2B2) is offering two new fee-based courses in 2014 at Matthaei Botanical Gardens for beginning and intermediate beekeepers. The courses are held both indoors and in the apiary. Participants will learn about equipment, bee biology, pests, honey extraction, and fall and winter preparation. The free monthly drop-in A2B2 Tuesday evening classes are still being offered. 
The Beginning Bee School course takes the new beekeeper through year one, and covers equipment, bee biology, basic management, and the many situations that beekeepers face throughout the year. Advanced Bee School assumes that you have existing hives and goes into more details about hive management and pest and disease control.

Participants are expected to bring their own veils/protective clothing! There are teaching hives at Matthaei which are part of the instruction. Contact Meghan Milbrath, , for more detail.

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