Thursday, February 20, 2014

Puddle patrol

Gentle readers, the ground is frozen and many storm drains are clogged with snow. Add the toasty temperatures and rain we're getting right now and it's a perfect storm for puddles. The question is, where is the biggest puddle in the city. I spotted this one on Church St. There are probably some larger ones out there. Snap a picture of the biggest puddle you see and send it in. If it's the biggest, you'll get a special prize.

Update: there is a huge puddle at the bottom of Miller, between First and Spring. 

UPDATE II: Here's a picture from Packard in front of Jack's Hardware sent in by Alicia J.


  1. (Hoping I can get home to Ypsi before anybody else makes it to Riverside Park...)

  2. There's a bunch of big puddles on Packard near Jack's Hardware (Arch St).

  3. Tooo funny - the Great Lakes State has people out on "puddle patrol" - Love It !

  4. 7th and Jefferson is flooded, 8 inches or more, per a Facebook post from Linda Diane Feldt.