Sunday, February 23, 2014

Someone at Buzzfeed likes Ann Arbor

I wonder if Buzzfeed has an Ann Arbor quota to fill.  They posted a foodie list, and yes, Ann Arbor has a lot of really great food. However, I don't necessarily trust the writer if the list includes an Ahmos gyro or Ashley's pesto fries. What do you think they missed or were misguided about?

I think that it should've included small food companies that are growing in this area, like the Brinery or Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory. Or maybe the writer should've ventured from the downtown area to try Taco King or Arirang.

On another note, does anyone frequent Lotus Thai and notice a change in quality/service over the past month? I have heard rumors/complaints of a staff clean out.


  1. Overall it’s pretty spot on, but I agree that Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory should’ve gotten a nod more than Ahmo’s. Their chips are one of the things I’ve never found a replacement for since moving to California.

  2. I haven't been to the Fleetwood in years...but since my AA visa was cancelled, I've been doing the hippie hash at Abe's.....