Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority preview for March 5, 2014

The Ann Arbor DDA meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at noon at the DDA headquarters on S Fifth Ave. Here's a summary of the March 5, 2014 DDA board packet. Look for the #a2dda hashtag on Twitter, either to follow or to mute.

1. Roll call
Board members are Cyndi Clark, Russ Collins, Bob Guenzel, Roger Hewitt, Joan Lowenstein, Al McWilliams, John Mouat, Rishi Narayan, Keith Orr, Steve Powers, Sandi Smith, and John Splitt.
2. Audience participation
Four minutes are allotted to speakers at the beginning of the meeting if they have signed up in advance. Today's agenda includes Martha Valadez from P4T (Partners for Transit), expected to talk about the upcoming AAATA millage vote.
3. Reports from City Boards and Commissions
Ray Detter will speak on behalf of the Downtown Area Citizens Advisory Commission.
4. Communications from DDA members

5. Approval of minutes
The February 2014 minutes are included in the board packet and are expected to be approved. The DDA is good about approving minutes promptly, unlike some City boards.
6. Subcommittee reports
This is the heart of the meeting.
Resolution to Approve a 2013 Year-End Management Fee for Republic Parking
Pay 100% of the bonus ($50,000) to Republic Parking for a management fee, on top of the $150,000 that is agreed on in the contract.
Resolution to Put Forward the FY 2015 DDA Budget
Whereas, The DDA Operations Committee has developed a 2015 fiscal year budget for the DDA based on the DDA’s most recent Ten-Year Plan; 
Resolution To Continue Support And Enhancement of Transportation Projects, Facilities 
and Programs

RESOLVED, If the voters support approval of a new five-year transit millage, the DDA, which has been a long-time supporter of transit as a key strategy to meet its mission, will work to increase its support for transportation-related programs and projects. 
4th & William stair/elevator preliminary design presentation 
It is anticipated that a schematic design and phasing report will be ready by the end of March.
getDowntown/goPass funding for 2015 
No dollar amount is evident in the packet. 
Ann Arbor Housing Commission grant request

Partnerships grant request

7. Other DDA Business

8. Other Audience Participation (4 minutes each)
No reservations are needed at this audience participation section.
9. Adjournment

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