Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Detroit News Exposes Commercial Fallacies

Have I mentioned how much I am now paying for health care? Not a lot, it's actually scary how little I am paying. Or maybe the number itself has scary connotations. $6.66 a month. You can be impressed/worried if I am from The Omen. Now, this woman has been hailing the dark forces of Obamacare for much longer than I have.

As it turns out, The Detroit News has exposed the commercial above to be a little misguided. Or maybe outright wrong. The commercial was put together by Americans for Prosperity (or the prosperity of middle class white people) and tells how a Dexter woman was not allowed to keep her health insurance. Instead, she was forced to enroll in another plan that might, in fact, save her money. Check out the article, and pay attention to how Sen. Harry Reid is reacting. He's got a pretty good pun somewhere.

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