Monday, March 17, 2014

Protomartyr & A.V. Club this Thursday in Ann Arbor

Hopefully this isn't too late, but this Thursday you'll have a chance to see Protomartyr play in Ann Arbor as they film part of a new A.V. Club video series called Pioneering. From their article:
If you’d like to see Protomartyr—whose raucously excellent second album Under Color Of Official Right comes out April 8—play in Ann Arbor, MI around lunchtime on Thursday, March 20, just tweet the word Protomartyr, along with the hashtags #Pioneering and #LoveToday. Some kind of lunch will be served as well, courtesy of The A.V. Club and Honda.
Apparently space is limited so you'd better Tweet soon to sign up. Learn more about the Pioneering series and A.V. Club here.

Hardly Art will release Under Color of Official Right on April 8. Check out "Come & See:"

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