Friday, March 21, 2014

Wurst Challenge in Pictures

EJ and I went to the Wurst Challenge last night and it was pretty awesome. Here are some of the photos. Also, if you watch WXYZ 7's coverage of the event you can see us in the background. In the above picture, you can see Cre Fuller. He didn't eat the most sausage, but he did have a great costume.

Here's Mark Maynard being interviewed by WXYZ. Mark, the limelight looks good on you.

Ypsilanti Paul Schreiber and EMU President Susan Martin both fielded teams in the Wurst Challenge. President Martin's EMU team raised the most money. Mayor Schreiber finished his sausage first, by handing out small bits of it to the spectators. He was thus disqualified.

Surprisingly, this guy in the dinosaur costume did not win.

Have you ever wanted to know what 20' of sausage looks like? Look no further.

I totally thought this guy would win. Look at his double sausage eating technique. By the end of the night, he had undone his pants button and belt. A valiant effort to be sure.

The crowd of spectators gathered to cheer on the gladiators.

The winner. I forgot his name. But he won.

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