Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to have an inspiring Wednesday if you're not seeing Obama: Take Back the Night

If you're unfamiliar with Take Back the Night, all you basically need to know is 1) all Justin Timberlake's people needed to do is Google the damn thing to realize how awk his song was gonna sound and 2) it's a march/rally/protest against rape and other forms of sexual assault. I know, I know, sounds like a downer, but it's more like a battle cry, and everyone ends up all smiley and happy and huggy, plus consent.

Here's what's going on this year:

  • Outgoing Mayor John Hieftje will be speaking
  • The MC is Beth from the S3 Safe Sex Store
  • Author and survivor Samantha Soward will be there to speak and basically be as inspiring as the sun FINALLY being here
  • Detroit's Ashley Franso will be a-singin'
  • Detroit Tap Repertory (which includes EJ and myself) will be a-tappin'
Plus a bajillion other things.

This thang starts at 7 in the Rogel Ballroom of the Michigan Union and then takes to the streets to protest (which is the best part - people start coming out of the dorms and coffee shops to join the march).

Seeya there, fools.

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