Thursday, April 10, 2014

Michigan FIRST Robotics Competition State Championships at EMU this Weekend

Tonight the FIRST Robotics Competition State Championships kick off tonight at EMU's Convocation Center, featuring 64 of the top teams in Michigan battling it out to see who will advance to the World Championships in two weeks. The competition April 10-12.

Skyline High School's Eagle Imperium Team 3322 squad is one of the 64 teams advancing after qualifying at the Howell District competition two weeks ago. I wrote a story for Concentrate Media on their team preparing for competitions this year that you might enjoy (click away).

The Skyline robot will compete against a bunch of other robots in a game called aerial assist that's basically passing and shooting big exercise balls over goals and smashing into other remote-controlled robots. It sounds awesome and there's no way I'm missing watching this live.

The teams are listed by team number, not high school, so it's tough to see which other area high schools might be competing. It looks like Pioneer, Huron, Ypsi Community and Dexter failed to advance to States (though there's a chance I'm wrong). The Grand Blanc High School EngiNERDs enter the competition with the best district score, so they're pretty much the Empire. Root for the underdogs! Go tech kids, go!

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  1. @ Richard Retyi...I hadn't put 2 and 2 together that Damn Arbor and you, the reporter who wrote the Concentrate piece were the same person. Thank you for the wonderful news piece and for this FB/blog post. Two of our sons are on Team 3322. Kevin was one of the students in the picture for the article. You are right that we are the only area HS to have made it -- and that by the skin of our teeth, 64th out of 64 teams! Let us know if you go, you can sit with us, :-).