Thursday, April 24, 2014

SouthTown, Ann Arbor's newest neighborhood

Gentle readers, as you know I am a big fan of naming neighborhoods. SouthTown, according to this new website, is the area north of Eisenhower and bounded by State and Packard. It contains the previously recognized Lower Burns Park Neighborhood. Also, from the SouthTown website:

SouthTown is a self recognized community.

The weaving thread that runs through SouthTown is a speckle of satire, and a shtickel of mirth.

The essence of this community can be communicated as a unique collective. A place to visit. A walkable neighborhood of homes and small, independent, locally owned businesses.

SouthTown is a space for commerce, arts, positive gatherings and ecologically regenerative development.

I applaud the naming of the SouthTown area, but it seems rather and heterogeneous. Perhaps folks will come up with names for the different regions of SouthTown. Current residents (and foremer) of the area, do you have thoughts on SouthTown and/or its microhoods?

H/T: Mary Morgan

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  1. I used to live just south of Ike on Stone School so I guess not technically in this but close enough...there are a lot of cool places. You've got your Morgan & York, Chia Shiang (I'm not a huge fan but I have a bland palate sometimes), Dairy Queen, the little shopping center at Packard & Stadium, Biercamp, Produce Station, Salvation Army, Roos Roast is there off of Industrial, Frasers...definitely a lot of places to go!