Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cherries Look Outrageous To Me?

Saturday Looks Outrageous To Cherries? The mash-up names go on forever, but Saturday Looks Good To Me's awesome cover EP of Outrageous Cherry tunes does the job quickly and then gets out. It's a unique collision of two of metro Detroit's greatest indie-pop acts, with SLGTM's Fred Thomas lending a dreamy, lo-fi aesthetic to OC's polished power pop. "Our Love Will Change the World" and "My Suspicious Midwest" are the highlight jams, but all six fast-moving tracks are well worth a listen.

What other local bands need to do cover EPs of each other? I'm gonna hold out for Third Coast Kings doing Blue Snaggletooth, m'self.

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  1. Hooray! Thanks for giving some love to this. I listened over and over a few times yesterday afternoon. Watched the Death documentary after at the library screening - had totally forgotten Matt Smith/Car City was in there, too - it was like super Matt Smith Friday or something!