Friday, July 11, 2014

FOIA Friday: City of Ann Arbor publishes its FOIA log

FOIA Friday is published on occasional Fridays; it is written by Edward Vielmetti.

The City of Ann Arbor has published its FOIA log for 2014. The file is updated monthly. It includes a list of the FOIA requests received by the city for the current calendar year, with the ID of the request, the name of the requester, the subject of the request, and its result (approved or denied). Requests that are still pending are marked in green.

This is a substantial improvement for FOIA followers in the city, as previous to this it was necessary to FOIA the FOIA log to get a copy.

The current system has a copy of the FOIA log using a file name that doesn't look like it will still be the same file once 2015 rolls around, so the best way to get to this file is through the Ann Arbor City Clerk 
FOIA page. If you want to be notified when this page changes, a straightforward tool to do this is with the site

If you find a FOIA request that's of interest, it's easy and cheap to request it. Simply ask the clerk for "a copy of the FOIA request and response 14-082", and you'll generally get it in the minimum time for typical requests. Since the record has already been paid for, you can also get it generally for free.

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